Rubber Flex Line 72″ 3/16 Invert Flare Male Both Ends (72″)


This is a Flexible, UV Rated and DOT Approved Brake Hose that measures 72 inches in length, and features a 90 degree bend at the fitting rather than a straight fitting.? Trailer Brake Hoses of this length are typically used to run across the length of the Axle, from one caliper or Backing Plate to another, though it can be used anywhere that your trailer needs it. Brake hoses are necessary for all Hydraulic brake systems on Boat or Utility Trailers, whether it is straight Hydraulically Activated, or using an Electric Over Hydraulic Actuation Unit.

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The Fittings on this Brake Hose Are the 3/16″ Male inverted Flare ends and have a 3/8″-24 thread, which is common for trailer brake components.? If you have standard Trailer Brake Parts then odds are they will accept the fitting sizes on this and other size hoses we sell on our store, but it is always best to measure and be sure before completing an order.
One of the ends on this hose is bent at a 90 degree angle to help install Hydraulic lines in tight, tough to reach places on your Trailer.? While The Brake Line is flexible, it cannot bend at a sharp 90 degrees without kinking the line and blocking the flow of brake fluid and pressure.? Often times during an install of brake parts, a simple 90 degree fitting can mean the difference in connecting all of your lines to your calipers of backing plates or not.

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